New Zealand Adventure Riders

New Zealand Adventure Bike Toolkits

A toolkit to perform trail-side repairs is essential for adventure riding in New Zealand; especially if you venture into the more remote places. Most trail-side issues can be addressed in a matter of minutes with the correct tools that would otherwise leave you stranded. 

The term toolkit is a bit of a misnomer as a comprehensive adventurer rider’s toolkit contains:

Tools - to perform trail side repairs
Spare parts - such as spear levers, perches, tubes, etc
Repair items- such as cable ties, metal putty, radiator stop leak, etc.

Each motorbike make and model is different so each motorbike toolkit needs to be motorbike make and model specific. The main objective for a motorbike toolkit is to ensure it includes ALL of the tools and spares required to perform common trail-side repairs on your particular bike.

Adventure Bike Toolkit List Example

Listed below are the items in the toolkit I use for a DRZ400. It is a fairly comprehensive toolkit as a lot of my riding is solo and in remote locations. This places importance on being able to successfully perform trail-side repairs and keep the bike running.

General Tools

Allan keys – Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Open end+ring end spanners – Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 17
Needle nose pliers
Needle nose vicegrips
Small round file
Small flat file
Tyre levers X 3
6” crescent
Sparkplug socket
Hacksaw blade in compact holder
Flathead screwdriver
1/4” T-bar
1/4” extension
1/4” sockets – Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12
1/4” Hex socket driver – To hold screwdriver bits
1/4” Phillips screwdriver bits – Sizes #1, #2, #3
3/8” T-Bar – One end ground flat to use for punching out wheel bearings
3/8” Socket – Size 12 for frame oil bung
3/8” Socket – Size 14 for motor oil bung
3/8” Socket – Size 24 for wheel nuts
3/8” Socket – Size 30 for countershaft nut
2 X pairs disposable rubber gloves
1 X Rag

Tube Repair 

Hand tyre pump
Tyre pressure gauge
1 X spare front tube
1 X spare rear tube
5 X tube patches
1 X large tyre patch
2 X tube scabs
2 X tubes of patch adhesive
Valve remover
2 X spare valves
2 X spare valve caps
Small bottle of dishwashing liquid
Small brush to apply dishwashing liquid

Chain Repair

Chain breaker tool
5 lengths of 520 chain 
2 X 520 joiner links

Electrical Repair

1 metre of 12 volt electrical wire
6 X crimp connectors 
1 X roll of electrical tape
3 X 15A fuses

General Repair

1 metre of duct tape
1 X spare cable inner
1 X cable inner nipple
1 metre of tie wire
Metal putty
Sandpaper – 120 grit
Sandpaper – 400 grit
5 minute Araldite epoxy
5 X rubber bands cut from a tube
5 metres of 20mm webbing
4 X webbing buckles
Radiator stop leak
Canister of grease
6 X Cable ties large
6 X Cable ties medium
6 X Cable ties small
2 X 19mm hose clamps

General Spares

1 X front wheel bearings
1 of each rear wheel bearing
Spare spark plug in plug caddy
Brake leaver
Clutch leaver
Clutch perch

Spare Nuts and Bolts

Assorted length bolts M4, M5, M6, M8
Nuts M4, M5, M6, M8
Washers M6, M8
Split pins